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Financial Consumer Protection ASBA

About this course

This course discusses the best practices and recommendations for proper consumer protection in the financial sector.   It is an effort that is part of the process to support financial inclusion being developed by our association. In its broadest terms, the association believes that financial inclusion regards access and use of financial services under prudential regulation that promotes market transparency, contributes to the development of effective consumer protection schemes and supports the provision of financial education programs to all segments of the population. In this sense, we see financial inclusion supported by four pillars access and use, transparency, consumer protection and financial literacy.      With this course, we want to contribute to the discussion on consumer protection in the financial sector, as a fundamental principle for building trust in relationships between financial institutions and their customers and investors.

We assume that the major partner in the financial sector is its customer and those who trust their resources to it.   To this end, we propose a structured process that allows a balanced deal between customers and financial intermediaries.

This process is summarized in a value chain that starts with financial education activities, promotes access to services, products and channels on a solid foundation of information, a clear and predictable stable contractual framework, seeking an effective and safe execution of operations, defines an expedited dispute resolution framework and when necessary, determines specific sanctions for the parties involved.

This framework for consumer protection in the financial sector aims to benefit all segments of the market, but will be critical to developing a greater and more effective financial inclusion.


Dr. Roberto Borrás Polanía

Specialist in Commercial Law from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Lawyer from University Mayor del Rosario. He has served as President of the self-regulator for the Securities Market AMV in Colombia, as Financial Superintendent of Colombia, Director General of Financial Regulation of the Ministry of Finance, Director of Regulation in the Banking Superintendency, Chief Negotiator in Financial Services for the Free Trade Agreement with Canada and the EFTA countries of Europe, a member of the negotiating team of Financial Services for the Free Trade Agreement with the United States. Consultant for Multilateral institutions in Financial Regulation and Securities Markets Supervision.

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